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Adult Tap

For years I had put off teaching adults! I had it in my head that I would end up speaking to them like I do the children or telling silly jokes in between exercises that nobody ( unless your 6 years old) would find funny!! I spent ages thinking about what I would teach adults, would it be the same as I teach the children or would that be far too boring. In a beginners class I wondered where I would aim the class and how would I get on with grown adults.

My brother pestered me for weeks to give it a go. He has tapped for a few years and absolutely loves it ( I think he could have been Fred Astaire if he had started as a child). So as luck would have it I managed to find an hour at the end of my classes to give it a go. Initially just the 2 of us in a big hall having a bit of fun but after 2 or 3 classes I started to wonder if I could actually do it! My brother seemed to enjoy it so why not give it a go. So I roped in as many adults that I could get hold of ( my sons included) and I started classes. I have to say looking out at all the familiar faces definitely helped settle my nerves in that first class, with a good 80’s & 90’s playlist in hand we had a fabulous time. By the end of the summer term the class had grown well and I was excited to resume in September.

Unfortunately the management of the hall emailed just after our last class telling me that we were ruining the hall flooring and if we were to continue we would have to provide our own flooring!! An absurd thing to say as the floor wasnt in very good shape to begin with but sadly these halls have us dance teachers over a barrel and so I had to withdraw from using that hall. I am looking for another venue so if anyone has Fred Astaire tendencies and a free hall ….please let me know!!

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